The Rise of Samsung Smartphones & Why they do not have a prolonged lifespan

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4 min readMar 15, 2021

Samsung Galaxy ‘S’ & ‘Note’ series smartphones are the ones that compete with Apple iPhones. This rivalry has been going on since 2010. In that year Samsung launched its S series of Smartphones, And people found out a fierce rival for the already blockbuster iPhone. The first edition of the S series, called Samsung Galaxy ‘S’ competed with iPhone 3GS and soon with an iPhone 4. Despite the popularity of the iPhone models, Samsung had opened doors for many new Tech Enthusiasts with its arrival. Though there were several smartphones based on Android OS, unlike Samsung they were not highly embraced by the masses. Here are the few reasons why Samsung’s first smartphone in the Galaxy S series had an edge over the other Android OEMs.

  • It was among the most powerful smartphones at the time of launch
  • It outperformed almost every other Android phone in the graphics department.
  • It had a slim form factor & an attractive Design unlike any other.

These all factors made an impression on the minds of the user base. People were overwhelmed by Samsung’s next release in series called S2, A beauty like no other in design. Galaxy S2 had crossed the sales number of 40 Million, which is even higher than the 25 Million units of its predecessor Galaxy S. This built platform for Samsung’s upcoming releases and then came skyrocket success for the Samsung Galaxy S series in form of S3. S3 proved to a device that can truly compete with the iPhones. Around 70 Million units of S3 were sold. Over the coming years, Samsung released its successors namely S4, S5,… And as we say ‘Rest is the history for Samsung Galaxy S series Smartphones. And they have currently switched their nomenclature to series of S20 & S21.

After going through the glorious rise of the Galaxy S series & its astounding sales figures, A question arises why do Samsung smartphones do not last so long as Apple iPhone models? Well here are the several reasons for it.

Launching Multiple and Inconsistent Phone Variants

‘The Galaxy S suffered greatly from a very confusing release lineup. All in all, there were over two dozen variants of the Galaxy S smartphone’



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